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Memo AI Pricing

Hi~ I'm the developer of Memo. Thanks a lot for your support. Memo is currently in Beta and we've introduced paid features to support continued development. As a thank you to our Beta users, we're offering an almost 50% Early Bird discount.

We hope Memo will both save you money on speech-to-text services and enhance your productivity.

🎉 Memo Pro💗 Memo Believer
🐦 Price$25.99 ($39.99)$99.99 ($199)
Devices3 devices for Early Bird users, 2 after official release3 devices for Early Bird users
Updates1 year of updatesLifetime updates
Transcription DurationUnlimitedUnlimited
Translation Word CountUnlimitedUnlimited
Synthetic SpeechUnlimitedUnlimited
PremiumGPU acceleration, batch mode, voice synthesis export, etc.GPU acceleration, batch mode, voice synthesis export, etc.
SupportYesYes, with priority support
BenefitsNoneTop 1000 purchases, Permanent use of upcoming products by the Memo team
PurchaseBuy ProBuy Believer


If you are an educator or a student, Please send email to [email protected] to get the discount code.


If you're a company looking to make a bulk purchase for internal use, please contact [email protected] to obtain a corporate bulk purchasing discount. A minimum of 10 devices is required for purchase. Please specify the number of devices you wish to purchase in your email.

  • GPU acceleration: available, support for Windows and m-series chip acceleration
  • Batch features: in development, one-click batch translation
  • Global Search: planning, with AI, to search video

And more interesting features on the way...


What are the features of Pro?

  • Existing: GPU acceleration, intelligent sentence breakage
  • Roadmap: Bulk Transcribe, Translate, and Export; AI summary and extraction; HD format export

Why can't I get the mail after buying it?

Check to see if you have entered the wrong mailbox, have intercepted messages in your mailbox, or go to My orders to look up historical orders.

How can I get my order?

Visit My orders for Memo AI purchase orders.

Enrich the expression of sound.