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Memo AI is still in beta. To use MemoAI, please apply: Early Access

Memo AI Notice

Memo AI is recommended for devices with more than 16G of RAM for a better experience, and the better the device, the faster the transcription speed.

2024-06-05 v1.3.5

  • feat: 100% cuda acceleration enabled by default
  • fix: fixed speaker recognition subtitle color display issue


Windows 10, 11

Download (v1.3.6)

Apple Silicon(M)

macOS 12, 13, 14

Download (v1.3.6)

Apple Intel

macOS 12, 13, 14

Download (v1.3.6)

2024-06-03 v1.3.4

  • Feature: To optimize the feedback method, please click Help & support - Report a bug in the lower left corner to directly provide feedback on your questions
  • fix: Fixed missing translation subtitle Timeline

2024-05-29 v1.3.3

  • Feature: New Cuda and Mac M chip acceleration. Recommended, especially NVIDIA graphics cards can get 110% transcription acceleration. Please go to Settings-Lab-Enable flash attention
  • Feature: The transcription panel supports sentence segmentation switches. If you encounter inaccurate sentences or large sections, please change the model or output "," in the prompt word. Two punctuation marks prompt AI to restore punctuation marks.
  • Feature: Audio supports floating windows to play subtitles
  • Feature: Audio player supports recording viewing progress
  • feature: Speaker recognition support progress loading
  • Feature: OpenAI supports configuring custom models and hosts
  • Feature: Increase the progress of retranscribing fragments
  • Feature: Optimize search highlighting and search interaction
  • Feature: Optimize Pro interface interaction
  • fix:Fix the problem that batches cannot be exported

2024-05-10 v1.3.2

  • feat: Add speaker recognition installation
  • feat: Support batch selection of vtt and srt to create transcriptions and translations
  • feat: Clear translation content when transcribing files
  • feat: Add video encoding resolution selection
  • feat: Use independent language packs, support manually adding software language packs
  • feat: When exporting selected segments, only play the selected time range
  • feat: Support box selection of a portion of subtitles in the list for re-transcription, convenient for separate transcription of repeated content and multi-language content
  • feat: Player uses ass for subtitle display
  • feat: Windows GPU detection language optimization, more accurate detection of original audio language
  • feat: Subtitles support adjusting vertical position
  • feat: Support exporting to Word, refactor export options
  • feat: Player supports playback using ASS subtitles
  • feat: Add bilingual support when exporting to Notion
  • fix: Fix subtitle rendering order and border width issues
  • fix: Check for subtitle existence when synthesizing speech to avoid generating invalid audio
  • fix: Subtitle fonts support setting smaller font sizes
  • fix: Synchronize timeline modifications to update other page states


Windows 10, 11

Download (v1.3.6)

Apple Silicon(M)

macOS 12, 13, 14

Download (v1.3.6)

Apple Intel

macOS 12, 13, 14

Download (v1.3.6)

2024-04-10 v1.3.0

Major Update:

Memo now supports exporting synthesized audio and video.

How to use: transcribe the audio, translate the corresponding subtitles, click TTS to select a service for conversion, then click export and enable the audio synthesis option.

1.3.0 Update Overview

  • Feat: Synthesized audio and video export, with synchronous support for GPU acceleration
  • Feat: Added Japanese model
  • Optimization: Windows display title bar in compliance with Windows design
  • Optimization: Improved operation interface for audio synthesis, added text prompts
  • Optimization: After transcribing subtitles, translation defaults to clear

2024-03-26 v1.2.2 Beta

  • feat: Support elevenlabs service
  • fix: Fix the problem that the plug-in cannot be displayed
  • fix: Fix the problem that online video cannot be Transcribe

2024-03-17 v1.2.1 Beta

  • feat: Added clip editing, you can edit and export videos through subtitles #195
  • feat: Added Twitter content translation, currently does not support Space
  • feat: Updated preset plugins and plugin list, added functionality to obtain the latest online plugin list in real time
  • feat: Adjusted alignment method of the homepage cards
  • fix: Fixed issue where incomplete tasks were not checked at startup, fixed issue where null content in translation caused a white screen
  • fix: Optimized subtitle performance during export preview
  • fix: Fixed issue where editing original subtitles would automatically save and move the cursor to the end #217 #216 #215

2024-03-13 v1.2.0 Beta

  • feat: New translation service settings interface and language model interface split, translation plugins can be downloaded in integrations.
  • feat: Support for custom prompts from Open AI and other AI
  • feat: Support for local AI translation from Claude, Ollama, please add in the Integrations
  • feat: Translation supports continued translation, interrupt translation, and the problem of merging broken sentences can be well solved #174
  • feat: Add shift interval selection editing #206
  • feat: Support for playback history records #42

2024-03-05 v1.1.9 Beta

  • Optimize: Add serial numbers and words/second statistics to subtitle editing
  • Optimize: When dragging or selecting subtitles on the homepage, if there is no ongoing transcription task, go directly to the details
  • Fix: Issues with Japanese transcription results
  • Fix: Unable to link local files
  • Fix: Auto ellipsis in the detail title bar
  • Fix: #176 Unable to enter a space when naming a custom folder
  • Fix: Issue where the title on the detail page was overridden by buttons

2024-02-28 v1.1.8 Beta

  • fix: Temo wrap problem
  • fix: Chinese subtitle export problem
  • fix: Add a Memo exit alert

2024-02-26 v1.1.7 Beta

  • feat: Bilingual subtitle editing and video encoding without needing to separately export and import subtitles for post-production
  • feat: Independent subtitle translation through dragging and dropping the subtitle file into Memo for direct translation
  • feat: The position and order of subtitles can be switched
  • feat: Addition of Temo, which supports text translation to audio, now available for trial as a standalone application within Memo

2024-01-16 v1.1.6 Beta

  • feat: Added third-party integration for translation plugin
  • feat: Software supports theme changes following system alterations
  • feat: Enhanced capability for selecting between Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • feat: Laboratory added independent subtitle floating window
  • plugin: Tencent translation plugin
  • plugin: Gemini translation plugin
  • plugin: Xiaoniu translation plugin
  • fix: Fixed the issue affecting playback caused by special characters in file names
  • fix: Fixed Local SRT File Upload - not working properly
  • fix: Fixed the issue where download model might initiate twice
  • fix: Fixed issues loading Bilibili and YouTube
  • fix: Fixed the issue where sidebar subtitles couldn't search for fonts
  • fix: Fixed the issue of missing bottom icon when opening note window in macOS

2023-12-25 v1.1.5 Beta

New Features

  • Optimize termination event of transcription to avoid premature ending
  • Add functionality to start transcription by drag and drop on homepage
  • Add transcription button in RSS
  • Batch task enhancements: Addition of VAD option and support for language selection during export

Bug Fixes

  • Removal of shortcut to open webpage
  • Fix for navigating to detail page from batch tasks
  • Resolve issue of inability to export subtitle files from batch tasks
  • Fix for an issue of TTS being unable to generate sound from an empty string

2023-12-21 v1.1.4 Beta

Now, seamlessly switch between pages during the transcription process, greatly improving the user experience.

  • Features voice detection, an effective countermeasure against subtle speech fragments and redundant content. Please enable this feature in the advanced settings on the transcription page.
  • The mind-mapping tool has received another upgrade, facilitating the export in formats including SVG and JPG. Additionally, it now supports Markdown editing.
  • The AI translation feature has been advanced, offering iterations of translations for increased accuracy and a more natural articulation.

2023-12-09 v1.1.3 Beta


  • AI Mind Map: Your videos can be summarized into attractive mind maps with one click through Memo. (This is an experimental feature, still under optimization)
  • RSS: Videos can be subscribed via Youtube personal links (This is an experimental feature, still under optimization)
  • Increased 3x playback speed for videos
  • Added Core ML acceleration


  • Supports automatic saving after editing

2023-12-03 v1.1.2 Beta

  • Microsoft translate supports super-long text translation
  • add Cantonese options
  • space logic optimization, default built-in space
  • optimize batch mode performance issues
  • optimize the conversion of simplified and traditional Chinese

2023-11-26 v1.1.1 Beta

  • fix the download problem
  • fix translation issues
  • optimize the operating experience and tips

2023-11-24 v1.1.0 Beta

  • Model: Supports Whisper V3, currently only for Mac version and Windows CPU
  • Model: Optimized the initial model loading experience
  • Subtitle: Optimized batch operation style, temporarily removed drag and multi-select feature, will be updated in next version, please use right-click method for multiple selection.
  • Batch: Supports Prompt parameters

2023-11-15 v1.0.13 Beta


  • Open AI TTS
  • volcengine TTS

2023-11-06 v1.0.12 Beta


  • add Distil-Whisper model, near support for English
  • add spatial isolation (old data does not support migration for the time being and can be seen in the various spaces)
  • delete folder automatically clears history task list, delete resource task automatically removes transfer and task backup files


  • home input box to add a link before showing the transfer button
  • remove Model Management Page model folder display, adjust the import model button
  • adjust the list of selected transliteration languages
  • adjust failed message prompts for batch task startup and task list
  • fixed a problem with the macOS x64 vad that did not work
  • remove VAD mode, automatically use loose mode, adjust VAD default threshold

2023-11-04 v1.0.11 Beta


  • VAD,To prevent whisper hallucinations.
  • Subtitle Synthesis Audio Export
  • Batch conversion of audio and video


  • increase translation languages, Romanian, Uighur, Uzbek, Kazakh, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Farsi, Tajik
  • Windows GPU supports automatic detection language
  • remove the automatic punctuation setting to simplify the operation. If you encounter an automatic punctuation failure, Please add a prompt: "Please add punctuation."
  • optimize some shortcuts and prompts, such as opening the transition panel on the home page (Alt/Option + O) , scrolling through the model (Alt/Option + M) , and starting the transition (Alt/Option + S)
  • supports low-quality video when transcribed (setup-lab Open)
  • increase batch when subtitle export
  • add more natural captions to follow the scrolling effect
  • fixed the problem of not being able to transfer the downloaded video
  • fix download headers that are too long to forward

2023-10-20 v1.0.10 Beta

🐞Caught a few jumping bugs.

2023-10-16 V1.0.9 Beta


  • Basic version of Memo batch capability


  • Move the rewrite button to the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Optimized Simplified Chinese prompt, more accurate output simplified Chinese
  • Add Ts, OGV, 3GP, VOB, WTV format file support

2023-09-25 V1.0.8 Beta


  • Mac M series chips support GPU acceleration
  • the title configuration panel is refactored
  • the transfer panel supports drag-and-drop resizing video
  • support CHATGLM translation
  • Memo Pro supports activation codes


  1. Actually already supports suppressing exports for use in export-media. But the effect still has optimization space, we then optimize optimization use. If you want to export bilingual subtitles, remember to select the top right bilingual, and then export.
  2. Support Wen Xin's summary 3.TTS supports text-to-speech
  3. Fix the problem of full text loss due to one-line translation
  4. CLIP mode timeline for text support drag and drop, fixed an issue where adjusting captioning time was not displayed in real time

2023-09-13 V1.0.7 Beta


  • Text, subtitle synthesis of speech
  • Multi-language: Support Traditional Chinese interface
  • Export: support TXT, bilingual export


  1. Support Baidu cloud intelligent cloud translation;
  2. Optimization of prompt box;
  3. Support the navigation bar to fold and unfold;
  4. Advanced download capability is embedded. If it cannot be downloaded and there is a loading situation, please go to Settings-Laboratory to close the download.

2023-08-28 V1.0.5 Beta


  • Transcription: new Windows GPU acceleration
  • Transcription: Mac supports coreML acceleration
  • Translation: Open AI Translation


  • UI changes, note UI becomes icon, more consistent interface.
  • translation support long text, Google because of support for long text, if frequent calls will block IP. Follow-up will provide a way to fill in Key .
  • automatic updates, automatic updates, no manual download.

2023-08-13 V1.0.4 Beta

  • notes: Hover notes, quick timestamps, screenshots!
  • subtitle: Support Import local subtitle, bilingual subtitle export
  • translation: support for translation configuration testing, interface style revision
  • player: supports theatre mode
  • space: content isolation, family sharing a computer to see different content

2023-07-22 V1.0.3 Beta

  • translation: support more translation platform: Volcano, Deepl, Microsoft translation
  • subtitle: support subtitle editing and one-line translation
  • play: supports full screen subtitles

2023-07-12 V1.0.2 Beta

  • clip: paragraph clip, rough cut more efficient-scrolling subtitles
  • proxy: optimize proxy acquisition logic
  • import: Notion import support

2023-07-06 V1.0.1 Beta

This time it brought translation capability, with support for up to ninety-six languages.

2023-06-13 V1.0.0 Beta

The first release was a small milestone. In the first release, the following capabilities were available:

  1. Multi-format: MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV and other formats to support import
  2. Multi-language: support Chinese, English, Deutsch, LTALIANO, Japanese
  3. Custom Prompt: allows the AI to recognize if it is in Sichuan or Henan, n or English. You can say“This is a Sichuan dialect,” you can identify the Sichuan dialect Four. Export: supports common export formats such as Markdown, Subtitle SRT, etc. There are real-time subtitle preview, real-time stream, batch replacement, subtitle merger and more features to explore!

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