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Windows 10, 11

Download (v1.3.0)

Apple Silicon(M)

macOS 12, 13, 14

Download (v1.3.0)

Apple Intel

macOS 12, 13, 14

Download (v1.3.0)

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Memo AI is still in private beta. To use MemoAI, please apply: Early Access

Memo AI is not suitable for devices with outdated hardware, antiquated systems, or memory less than 8GB. Such hardware does not meet the requirements to run AI models.


Model download

Memo provides a variety of local translation models, which you can choose to download according to the list below.

Tiny77.7 MB96 种下载转换速度飞快,但是识别精度低,一般不推荐使用。
Base148 MB96 种下载转换速度较快,但是识别精度低,一般不推荐使用。
Small488 MB96 种下载转换速度较快,但是识别精度低,只是粗略看文稿推荐使用。
Medium1.53 GB96 种下载转换速度中等,识别效果还不错,一般推荐使用这个。
Large(v1)3.09 GB96 种下载转换速度较慢,识别效果极佳,推荐需要转换字幕时使用。
Large(v2)3.09 GB96 种下载转换速度较慢,识别效果极佳,推荐需要转换字幕时使用。和 V1 差别性能好一点,但是转换精度可能比 V1 差。
Tiny.en77.7 MB英文下载仅英文使用,转换速度飞快,但是识别精度一般,只是粗略看文稿推荐使用。
Base.en148 MB英文下载英文转换速度较快,但是识别精度一般,只是粗略看文稿推荐使用。
Small.en488 MB英文下载英文转换速度一般,但是识别精度较好,推荐日常转英文使用。
Medium.en1.53 GB英文下载英文转换速度中等,但是识别精度极佳,推荐转换字幕使用。

what is the difference between Large (v1) and Large (v2)?

After several regularization training, the performance of Large (v2) model has been improved. But the structure is the same as v1.

Why is there no text when using a large model?

Medium and large models need devices with more than 16GB of memory to run.

Enrich the expression of sound.